Research, development and manufacturing of airbag solutions



Saving Lives

Here at Helite UK we are immensely proud to say that we have knowingly saved over 10 lives and reduced significant injury to many more.
We are frequently being told by doctors, paramedics, surgeons, chiropractors just to name a few that the Airvest HAS saved this person’s life….and they can’t quite believe it!!

To quote London Ambulance Motorcycle Paramedic’s Clinical Team Leader –
They offer far greater protection than any standard motorcycle armour; it protects the thorax and spine from direct impact and supports the base of the helmet preventing neck injury by limiting hyper flexion/extension. This not only reduces the risk of only minor injuries but also life changing or life threatening ones too. Wearable airbag technology for motorcyclists should be seen as the current gold standard in protection!

Proud to Protect