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Saving Lives

Here at Helite UK we are immensely proud to say that we have knowingly saved numerous lives and reduced significant injury to many more.
We are frequently being told by doctors, paramedics, surgeons, chiropractors just to name a few that the Airvest HAS saved this person’s life….and they can’t quite believe it!!

To quote London Ambulance Motorcycle Paramedic’s Clinical Team Leader –
They offer far greater protection than any standard motorcycle armour; it protects the thorax and spine from direct impact and supports the base of the helmet preventing neck injury by limiting hyper flexion/extension. This not only reduces the risk of only minor injuries but also life changing or life threatening ones too. Wearable airbag technology for motorcyclists should be seen as the current gold standard in protection!

Why Use Helite?

Helite was founded over 20 years ago. Initially created for the hand gliding and para-motor sporting industry due to their high accident rates. Very quickly, the members at Helite discovered that the airbag safety systems being implemented were the perfect safety device for bikers, horse riders and cyclists alike.

Since then Helite has been dedicated to implementing the latest and best technologies into our motorcycle jackets and horse riding jackets and vests. Keeping you safe at every possible opportunity.

Helite for Bikers

Helite have developed many types of motorcycle jackets and motorbike safety vests for all of your biking needs including motorcycle racing. You can choose between mechanical or electronic trigger systems to inflate the vest or jacket in the event of an accident and every internal airbag inflates in less than 100 milliseconds.

Given that our motorcycle vests and jackets provide the biggest protection volume on the market between 17 and 28 L. We are sure you will have complete peace of mind using our products.

Helite for Horse Riders

Whether it be dressage, show jumping, eventing or any other style of riding, we have your safety in mind. Our various styles of horse riding jackets and vests include something for everyone. With the inclusion of the internal airbag system, making sure you are kept as safe as you can be.

We also offer a number of Hi-Vis vests, perfect for riding on country roads. And with our Zip’In range you can customise your horse riding gear even further.

Helite for Cyclists

A Helite cycling vest is not your average cycling safety vest. Our bicycle safety vests incorporate our incredible airbag system that inflates in less than 100 milliseconds in the event of an accident. The vests are available in both black and Hi-Vis and are electronically triggered.

With the addition of the saddle sensor, your vest will trigger if another vehicle hits you when you and your bike are stationary. Giving even more protection from traffic.

Proud to Protect

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