The Helite e-Bike fork sensor is an optional extra and does not have to be used in order for your vest to function. Only the Helite e-Bike Fork Sensors are compatible with the components for your Helite electronically activated vest. There are some added benefits to using both the vest and sensor together.

  •  The e-Bike Fork Sensor is highly recommended for road us as the detection of impact time is significantly reduced. The device allows detection of more accidents overall including those at low speed and when stationary.
  • You may choose not to use the fork sensor on the track for example as less accidents happen at low speed and collisions with another vehicle or an obstacle are rare.
  • The fork sensors do not require charging as they have 5 years autonomy. Pairing your vest with the e-Bike Fork Sensor
  • Before using your vest for the first time you need to pair (associate) the vest with the fork sensor.
  • It is possible to pair several fork sensors (maximum of 5) with one vest.
  • Similarly, it is possible to pair numerous vests to one fork sensor.

For full information on how to pair sensors and vests please see the instruction manual supplied with your vest.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you own several bikes, you can pair each vest with up to 5 fork sensors. Fork sensors can also be bought separately form our Motorcycle Components section situated in the main menu.

Yes. If you are carrying a pillion passenger, or many people use the same bike, then you can pair as many vests to the fork sensor as you like. It is worth noting that any airbag systems that are in the vicinity of the fork sensor whilst being paired to the sensor and switched on will be triggered in the event of an accident. Please read the manual carefully.

No. The fork sensor lasts for approximately 5 years. At this point a replacement will need to be purchased. Always check that you are pair to the sensor before use.

Yes and No. The motorcycle safety vest will work on its own if you are involved in an accident but only after reaching a speed of 22mph. The fork sensor will give collision detection, even when stationery.


How To Pair And Fit Your Helite Fork Sensor
How The Wireless Technology Works

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All Helite Airbag products are CE certified and come with a 2 year warranty. We also offer a 4 year extended warranty on the airbag component only when you register your airbag.

In order to satisfy the warranties you must have proof that your airvest or jacket has been serviced as a minimum of every 2 years.

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