Steve Hibbert

After collecting a blood bike for a Friday night shift, I was returning home on the M4 when I was knocked off my bike by a drug driver.
After catapulting over another car at 70mph and sliding 10m on the tarmac, the only damage to me was a fractured tibia, 2 broken toes and a cracked rib.
The paramedics took all precautions with me and after 3 CT scans they were amazed at the lack of serious injuries.
I explained to the doctors how the helite works and they were all in agreement that the airvest probably saved my life.
I need my helite repairing now as the only damage to that is a scrape across the back from the tarmac.
What price safety???

Peter James

I bought a turtle in 2019 after a nasty shunt, breaking 6ribs and partially collapsing a lung. Last Thursday I was travelling on the m5 on my vintage MZ at 60 mph, the rear tyre blew out catastrophically and I tumbled at speed down the road multiple times. Turtle did its job 100% and as an A/E clinician I can unequivocally recommend them. It’s as good as new and I’ll be pre ordering the trousers asap.



A low speed (<25) black ice moment. Instant ‘down’; didn’t even hear the vest deploy! Minimal marks on the bike or my Rukka. Didn’t feel a thing. Great kit.


West Midlands

On a sunny Thursday afternoon travelling home from work on the busy M6 motorway I was involved in a motorcycle accident which involved four vehicles.

I cannot remember the incident but believe I was hit from behind by a van in lane 3 at approximately 50 mph. I then hit the windscreen and somehow ended up landing in between the crash barriers on the motorway.

My Helite airbag worked brilliantly and saved me from sustaining any serious injuries. The doctors and medical staff could not believe how I was not more seriously injured & one doctor said I was the luckiest motorcyclist he had ever seen.

I did suffer a broken collarbone, arm and fingers but I was released from hospital on the same day and I put this down to how well my Helite airbag worked.

I would recommend Helite airbag products to anyone who rides and firmly believe it saved my life that day.

Remember you can’t put a price on your life.




I was riding home from work at around 4pm, I was on a section of national speed limit A road ,which due to a set of temporary lights was pretty clogged up. The traffic was probably backed up just short of a mile so I decided to filter down the outside of the vehicles. As I was doing so a driver out of frustration has decided to make a U turn in the road to get out of the traffic as well (by his own admission after he hadn’t checked his mirrors). As he turned across the front of me I anchored up as best I could but there was nothing to be done. The bike hit the side of his car and as the suspension compressed it chucked me off the back of the bike. Good as gold as I left the bike the airbag went off gripping me tightly and before I knew it I was flat on my back after a heavy whack to the road surface. Despite the noise and to other road users disbelief I hadn’t felt a thing. Due to the collar of the bag my helmet hadn’t even hit the floor. I had purchased this product as a just in case/fingers crossed I never need it but after this incident I can’t tell you how glad I am that I was. My confidence in the kit and being out on the road has only increased from this incident.

Henry Chown


I ordered my Helite vest a few months ago. Unfortunately I’ve had a major accident (which was not my fault) and crashed at 50mph A26 (Uckfield to Lewes) on the KTM RC125.

I certainly wouldn’t want to ride without one as I’m doing my A2 eventually ever!

It saved me I had multiple spinal and skull fractures, without the vest I would be either dead or paralysed probably.

Adil Slimani


I was riding home down the winding backroads after an event at Goodwood race track.

On a tight left-hand bend (A285 before Duncton high street) a car coming the other way decided to cut the corner. I lost the front wheel in preference to straightening up under braking and slide into and under the front of the vehicle travelling about 30mph the opposite way. Then woke up at hospital 50 miles away with my leg in a cast.

The rest is what the witness and ambulance crew filled in. I missed out on seeing the exciting helicopter airlift, but the Ambulance crew said my gear was pretty torn up and the ligaments at the base of my spine had been strained, so my pelvis was unstable. I had a huge bruise on my hips, but surprisingly no broken ribs or neck injury having slammed my body into the front of the car. My foot was wedged under the car’s front wheel, my bike was under the bumper and my carbon helmet had a circular fracture in the right temple .

Two days later I picked up my bike from the salvage yard while on crutches. The staff there were stunned that I had been the rider and I was still alive and walking about, since they recover motorcycle from the site frequently and told me it was an accident hot spot. They told me having seen the wreckage of bike and car they believed it was fatal or life-changing injuries.I’m convinced the Helite (it was the XLL Turtle 1) saved my spine and torso from something more serious, paralysis or even death. Walking away with a bruised ankle and hip after a head on with a car doing about 30mph is incredible.

I never ride without it. I enclose a pic of the bike after the accident, after I restored it (thankfully, the frame was still straight) and me wearing the vest after a ride to the top of Box Hill in Dorking. Thanks again for such a life saver!

Ash C


The Helite GP Air Track Vest can be fitted quickly and is so comfortable that I forgot I was wearing it!

GP Air jacket crash

During my recent trackday, I put the GP Air Track Vest to the test when I unintentionally crashed my motorbike. The airbag inflated immediately and provided a soft cushioning when I hit the tarmac and while I slid off the track.

Fortunately, I sustained no injuries from the crash. I highly recommend Helite as I believe the Track Vest reduced the severity and risk of injury in this crash!




Thank you for the excellent customer service that I have received. I will be recommending you to my fellow biker colleagues at every opportunity I have.
Touring motorbike jacket

Ella Woolmer


We bought my Helite air jacket in the summer after doing some research and finding that it was the best on the market I took my time choosing the colour as there is such a lot of choice, the jacket was then fitted for me.

Ella Woolmer Horse riding in her Helite Airvest

I love how light weight and flexible it is and how it fits over my back protector. In a sport that is high risk I feel it is important to have the best safety gear and with Helite I feel I have that.

Sarah Lewis


I started using the Helite Zip’In 2 Airvest after I had a fall where I hurt my ribs. In hindsight I should have bought one much earlier.

Sarah Lewis Show-jumping with the helite Zip’In 2 airvest

It is comfortable, looks neat and elegant with its handy zip’on outer and makes me feel much more confident and relaxed when jumping, and therefore much less likely to fall off.

Anya Strilkowski


I love my Helite Original Airvest. It is high quality, light and easy to ride in. I know I can rely on it should I need it to protect me!

Anya Strilkowski using the helite original airvest whilst horse riding

Flo Burnop

Team Flo Eventing

I have always had Helite airvests since I started eventing 4 years ago. I currently have a Turtle 2 Airvest, in navy blue to match my cross-country colours.

Flo Burnop Horse Eventing with helite Safety vest

I find the Airvest so comfortable to wear, and the reassurance I get from wearing it is worth everything.
Knowing that the air jacket is protected from puncture by the turtle shell is a real bonus. I have had a couple of really nasty falls and my Turtle 2 has definitely saved me from significant injuries.

Flo Burnop Horse Eventing with helite Safety vest

The trauma team at A&E were very impressed and felt that my airvest saved me from life changing injuries. The team at Helite UK have always been amazingly helpful, whether in general use, servicing or sizing. I wouldn’t wear anything else.

Morgan Kent

HK Horses

“The innovative Helite Zip’In 2 Airvest gives my team and I safety in a comfortable and stylish way. I don’t know what we would do without it!”

Morgan Kent horse riding with the Helite safety vest

Morgan Kent horse riding with the Helite safety vest

Blood Biker


I love motorcycling, have advanced riding qualifications and ride for Blood Bikes Scotland in Edinburgh. I had a very nasty motorcycle accident at national speed limits in the Scottish Borders.

I was wearing my Helite Turtle airbag vest which I bought from the Helite stand at the Scottish Motorcycle Show a few years ago, which deployed. I have no recollection of the accident. From discussion with the police who attended, I believe I high-sided on gravel or diesel and hit my head, smashing my Shoei helmet and was unconscious for most of the day.

bike 4 life blood bikers

I had severe concussion, severe gravel rash on hip and leg and needed stitches in a toe. Everyone has been astonished that I had no internal injuries and no damage to my back, neck or torso. There is no question that the air vest saved me from a far worse injury and I’m convinced it saved my life!! I haven’t seen my bike since but am sure it’ll be a write-off. I would just like to thank you guys for producing such a genuinely life saving product.

I debated about 5 times about whether to buy one and was persuaded by a man at that motorbike show who had his life saved by one. Had I not been wearing the vest last week, I doubt very much I would be here today!!

Katie Dickson


I decided I wanted to ride in an air jacket all the time some 12 months ago. A couple of friends had had silly falls and it made me realise you could be injured at any time – and there was no point having the jacket hung up in the lorry for cross country days. For a birthday present, my husband swapped my old style jacket for gilet version for me. I admit to being vain so wanted to wear one discreetly.

Last September, 2 friends and I hired a holiday cottage with stables in the Peak District. We were having a great time. We’d had a long hack the day before so decided to do a short hack then hit the village pub. We knew the route we chose had lots of gates. We were all on steady horses so we’re taking it on turns to open them. I was leaning down to open a (rider friendly) gate when some thing spooked my very sensible horse. He went into a blind panic and tried to scramble over the gate I was trying to open. He got breached and I fell first and he landed on top of me. My air jacket inflated and took the full weight of the horse on my chest. He was upside down, wriggling around on top of me trying to get up and he caught my hip and pelvis in the process. I was air lifted to hospital with multiple fractures in my pelvis and a dislocated hip. I had to have two lots of surgery, a lot of metal work and a long painful rehab of learning to walk all over again. This process is still on going.

If I hadn’t of had my air-jacket on for that short quiet hack, there is no doubt about it that I wouldn’t be here today. Every new set of medical professionals I saw between the accident and 2 hospitals later were obsessed with assessing me for spinal injuries. They just couldn’t understand or appreciate what the jacket had done for me. I’d had 650kg of horse on me and didn’t have a mark on me from my waist upwards.

It’s amazing how many of my friends have since started wearing there jacket more or have gone out and bought a jacket. I think what shocked people with my accident is that I was on a seriously laid back horse, during a quiet hack – it just does prove it can happen to anyone at anytime.



On my morning commute into work I was coming up to a set of traffic lights which had a sharp 90 degree turn to the right immediately on exit from the lights.

About 50 meters before the lights I was passed by a learner on a small motorcycle. A little too fast for the weather conditions, it had been raining and the road was still wet. ‘Steer clear of him’ I thought to myself. As I approached the lights they changed to green. There was a car in front of me who increased speed to 10-15 mph. As the learner turned to exit the lights he leaned over too far and went down and slid across the road in front of the car in front of me & the
car immediately stopped.

Safety vest

As I was already in the turn, I broke hard, and down I went landing on my back, but by the time I hit the road my Helite vest had already inflated so I had a soft landing.

I slid down the road for a few metres, but was OK! The vest showed a couple of scuffs, but nothing serious. The vest prevented me from getting badly bruised on my shoulder.

SallyAnne Haigh


Following an accident 4 yrs ago when my horse fell on top of me and left me with a spinal injury and a life confined to a wheelchair. I never thought I could be so happy again in the saddle. Thanks to my new Helite Air Vest I feel confident knowing I have the best protection possible now!!

Tim R

USA (credit Helite Moto USA)

I wanted to thank you for such an incredible and life saving product. I was riding through Utah and took a corner faster than my abilities were able to handle. I overshot the corner and was in the gravel on the side of the road when I hit the gas too hard and lost control/flipped my bike.

My Helite vest deployed flawlessly, stabilizing my head and neck. When I came to, the doctor in a car behind me said the vest saved my life and thought I was dead when he saw me crash.

Even though my helmet took a big hit and I slid along it for a ways, I didn’t have any neck injuries or even soreness in it after.

Thank you from me and all my family for all the thought and effort you’ve put into the Helite vests. My birthday is tomorrow and because of you I’m still here to celebrate it. Thank you.

Peter Tasker


This product (Helite GP Air) definitely saved my collar bone when I crashed at Circuito de Almeria. Felt like the Michelin man before it started to deflate – the inflation was instant!! Canister was changed within minutes too!! Would highly recommend!!

Mike & Claudia


My wife and I purchased a pair of Turtle vests at last year’s Rockingham
BikeSafe day for both horse and motorcycle riding. A week ago my wife fell
from her horse and down a 3m gully, breaking her leg in the process. In the
words of the paramedics “had she not been wearing the Airvest, the outcome
would most probably have been much more serious”.

So, a very happy (but rather sore) customer and an absolute convert to the
airvest. Wouldn’t be surprised if a few of our friends beat a path to your



On the 2 January 2018, I was riding to work at 7 am on a three-lane A road. It was busy rush hour traffic.

I was riding in the middle lane and had just left a stretch of road that was 50 mph limited (average speed cameras) and was accelerating up to the national speed limit.

Unfortunately, there was a car on the outside (fast) lane that I hadn’t noticed tailgating the car in front of him. Normally I would have spotted this but didn’t. I later found out the driver had been driving very erratically up to this point; speeding, undertaking, and tailgating other cars.

He then decided he wasn’t making fast enough progress because of the slower car in front, and made another, but this time fateful, undertake manouvre and hit me. According to witness statements, I flew through the air, hit the ground hard (70-80 mph) and slid across two lanes of traffic.

I do not remember the impact particularly, just images of broken plastic and glass flying in the air, but I do remember sliding along the ground for what it seemed was a lifetime. When I finally came to a halt, I then waited to die under the wheels of another vehicle. Luckily, this did not happen. Indeed, the other cars and vans on the road parked up and formed a cordon around me for protection.

I can’t thank these people enough, whoever they are. My injuries were a badly bruised and scarred left knee (gore-tex trousers ground down to my skin in the slide), a broken pelvis and a severe bleed at the base of my spine amongst other slightly less severe injuries. My clothing was from Rev’ It, stuff I really liked and was bloody expensive which served me very well in the accident. At the time of the collision, I was wearing a Helite Air Vest.

It was this single piece of equipment that saved my life. Without it, I would have sustained catastrophic internal injuries and would not be here today. The ambulance crew told my wife that, because they always get a heads-up on the road about what they are attending, that they expected to be picking up a body, due to the forces involved.

It is my opinion that, like helmets, these vests should be made compulsory. There is no question it saved my life. I know these vests are expensive, but what cost is this against your life?

Mike Hilton


In the spring of 2017 I purchase an air vest from your company to use whilst riding my motorcycle.

It was my usual habit to have a motorcycle holiday in different parts of Europe in the summer. I set off in early July for the area around Limoges for two weeks I had toured the area for just over a week when I was involved in a collision with a car.

I was on a country lane doing about 40 mph when a car came round a corner and we collided, my bike hitting the side of the car and them going out of control. Myself and the bike went off the road into a grass verge, and finally I went over the handlebars and landed on my back on the tarmac. When I parted company with the bike the air vest inflated immediately and when I hit the tarmac it was fully inflated and I am sure it saved me from serious back or internal injuries. Following a trip to hospital for a check up the only injury I had was a badly swollen ankle. The bike was not so lucky and was written off.

My advice to any motorcyclist would be buy an air vest it may save your life or protect you from serious injury.

Marshall Bird


I was travelling approx 45mph on a dual carriageway when a van pulled in front of me then breaked suddenly. I had to break hard causing the bike to fishtail.

The bike went down with me under it for approx 10yds then the bike & I separated still sliding along the road. The Airvest deployed as soon as I went down. My injuries included broken bones in left arm, operation needed on other arm, lots of bruising & swelling all down my right side.

While in A&E the consultant said to another doctor that had I not been wearing the vest they would be looking at a lot more serious injuries. The vest protected everything it was supposed to and I believe it did save my life.

I would never go out without it and highly recommend them to others.

Sarah Harman


I was out for a ride on my young horse wearing a riding hat and a Helite Airvest.

He was spooked by a couple of ponies galloping in a field next to the lane where we were passing. My horse set off with me at speed and suddenly changed direction. I came off and landed on the gravel track.

I was knocked unconscious however my Airvest activated and undoubtedly prevented any serious injuries. Was checked at hospital all ok. Just a few bruises.

We contacted Airvest and were able to drop off the vest the following day for a full check over. Zara and the team were fab and had it sent back after the service.

It only had minor scuff marks. Thank you. All riders should wear an Airvest.

Duncan Cameron


Can’t praise this product enough!

I was involved in a motorbike accident last year when a car driver pulled out of his driveway turning right. Of course he never saw me because he didn’t look and I crashed into the side of him.

I was thrown from my bike, but my Helite turtle air vest inflated immediately and I landed in what I can only describe as a pile of soft, fluffy pillows. I didn’t have a scratch, or even the thought of “Oooh, that’ll be sore tomorrow…”

Brilliant product I’d recommend wholeheartedly. I even spent time at Helite’s stand at this year’s Scottish bike show telling other bikers of my experience.

The best safety product you can buy, in my opinion. After a helmet, of course…

Great guys at the company too.

Ed Bishop


Lost front wheel on slippery road surface, Slid for about 25 feet, Holes in knees & elbows of Leathers, Airvest worked very well Stayed inflated and softened contact with road. Can’t ride without one now.

Paul Randall


Since purchasing my Helite I have been so happy with how comfy it is as well as how simple it is, I have purchased 2 more, 1 for my wife and the new black
version for me. The ability to take it off and walk around without having to worry about a back protector getting in the way has been great, as it’s not needed due to being part of the garment.

Rodge Byrne


Well it’s been a few months since you sent me the excellent Helite Turtle Airvest. I must say I have been wearing it on every occasion on my RT 1200 BMW. I rode my other bike without it for short trip an instantly felt ” something missing”

Tim Rodway


The Airvest worked perfectly. Although thankfully this wasn’t an at speed incident, the bike dropping was sufficient enough to trigger the Airvest. No damage to the vest so it was a simple job to replace the canister. If I can do it, anyone can.

Although my stupidity was annoying, it’s good to know that the system worked as advertised and feel in a more serious situation, I would be protected.

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