Helite UK Is The Preferred Supplier For I Am Roadsmart Safety Equipment

IAM Roadsmart

Helite UK is delighted to work with the IAM Roadsmart organisation. We have many shared values and a similar vision on Motorcycle safety. We are honored to already have many IAM members as customers.
We are committed to explaining and demonstrating the benefits Body worn Airbag protection can deliver to IAM members. We always accept invitations from IAM groups around the country to do ‘club night’ presentations. We support all IAM Track and Skills days around the UK.

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Helite UK Is The Preferred Supplier For Nationwide Association of Blood Bikers Safety Equipment

Nationwide Association of Blood Bikers

If we were a larger organisation we would freely sponsor our safety equipment to all Blood Bikers. We do have some special offers available to Bloodbike members, please contact Peter Robinson at chair@bloodbike.org.uk for more details.

As a note of caution to all our Blood Bike customers, if you are wearing your blood bike vests on top of our motorcycle jackets or safety vests then please ‘up size’ your blood bike vest.

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Bikers Training LOGO

B.I.K.E.R.S. Training

Providers of First Bike on Scene, Bikers Training have been actively been using the Helite turtle since 2019. A team of 2 Rodge and Pete, Emergency care motorcycle personnel always wear Helite turtles whilst riding.

Set up in 2011, B.I.K.E.R.S. Training aims to contribute to the road safety of motorcyclists by providing them with immediate care skills in the event of coming across a road traffic collision, involving another biker.

Email: rodge@bikerstraining.com

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