Motorcycle lanyards are supplied with the purchase of any new Helite Airvest or jacket. In the event you require a spare one or own more than one motorbike, additional lanyards can be purchased.

The Helite lanyard system uses a multi-directional key-ball trigger – this is a proven safe and effective mechanical system for accidents even at low speed. However it is important that you fit this lanyard correctly – please see the user manual for more information.

  • Never attach the lanyard to the handle bars.
  • The lanyard would ideally be attached under the seat around a robust tube of the frame.
  • You should make a loop with the buckle at the most convenient location on the motorcycle
  • The closer the lanyard is to your centre of gravity when seated on the vehicle the better.
  • Try out the length and adjust it until you reach an optimal length.
  • It should only be tight when you are stood up.
  • If the length of the strap is too long the inflation of the airbag jacket could be delayed.
  • We strongly recommend that you get one lanyard per motorcycle and you leave each lanyard securely attached to the bike.
  • Keep it away from anything sharp or abrasive that could damage or weaken the strap.
  • Keep it away from hot elements that could damage or weaken the strap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Motorcycle lanyards are supplied with all airbags, airvests and safety jackets, if selected on the order. If your lanyard has become damaged or you have several bikes then this is for you.

To fit the lanyard, please see the instructional video below. Alternatively, fitting instructions are supplied with the instructions that came with your vest or jacket.


How To Install The Motorcycle Lanyard

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All Helite Airbag products are CE certified and come with a 2 year warranty. We also offer a 4 year extended warranty on the airbag component only when you register your airbag.

In order to satisfy the warranties you must have proof that your airvest or jacket has been serviced as a minimum of every 2 years.

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