If you are wondering where to go for the best motorcycle rides in the United Kingdom, then this article will help. See 10 of the best rides scattered across England, Scotland, and Wales.

If you are seeking adrenaline rushes and high octane thrills then there is no better way than hopping on a motorcycle and going for a ride. Or maybe you just want to cruise through the open countryside and admire the scenery. Either way, motorcycle riding is guaranteed to be an interesting pastime. So if you are wondering where to go for the best motorcycle rides in the United Kingdom, then this article will help you find the best motorcycle rides.

Best motorcycle rides

1. Cat and Fiddle, Peak District

Once known as the best riding road in the UK, this 11.5 mile stretch of road has since been subject to speed limits and cameras. While racing at speed has been deterred this iconic road still attracts hundreds of riders each year who come to make the trip from Buxton to Macclesfield.

2. Minehead to Barnstaple, Devon

This popular stretch of the A39 starts off sedately enough for motorcycle riders, with long stretches and gentle curves. This soon becomes more challenging with a steep hill that arises just after the village of Porlock which provides stunning views across Exmoor.

3. North Coast 500, Scotland

Racers and speed demons need not apply. Instead this scenic, 516 mile winding route will take riders around the Scottish coast. Ride past castles, inns, and the famous Loch Ness and take in some of the most fantastic Scottish scenery on this leisurely ride.

4. Antrim Coast Road, Northern Ireland

Starting from Larne and ending at the famous Giant’s Causeway, the Antrim Coast Road has been named as one of the world’s greatest rides. This fantastic ride twists and turns around the Irish coast and takes motorcyclist through picturesque villages and past sweeping glens.

5. Keswick to Cockermouth, Lake District

As the UK’s most popular nathion park the Lake District attract hikers and bikers from far an wide. The route passes through Derwent Water and provides spectacular views from the top of Honister Pass, winding past lakes and breathtaking scenery.

6. Black Mountain Pass, Wales

Undoubtedly one of the best rides in the UK, Black Mountain Pass may even be the best ride in all of Wales. The rollercoaster ride takes motorcyclists around tights turns and long stretches of road, and steep climbs and falls. All with a backdrop of impressive mountain views.

7. Bedfordshire Dream

The B660 is usually best ridden south to north from Bedford to Keysoe this continues for almost 12 miles into a pretty, scenic village. The route continues for several more miles, winding through numerous towns and open countryside before ending at the A1.

8. Hardknott Pass, Lake District

What once used to be a Roman Road has become a popular favourite among motorcycle riders. The single track road is one of the two steepest in England and although only 2 miles long. It provides a challeneging and winding stretch even for experienced riders. This one might be best avoided by beginners and novices.

9. Snake Pass, Yorkshire

This sprawling 65 mile loops will tke riders from Yorkshire through the Peak District visiting towns like Holmefirth and Glossop before leading into the famous Snake Pass. Exiting and traveling through Rivelin Valley and back towards Barnsley. This is a popular ride for clubs and groups that can be completed in an afternoon.

10. Stonehenge Loop, Wiltshire

Another 65 mile loop, this time in the south of the country will take motorcycle riders across the Salisbury Plain. Through charming historic villages and towns, and past the iconic Stonehenge monument. Get a great view of the circular rocks from different angles and enjoy the sun-setting over the stones on this fabulous ride.

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