Helite Off Road Airbag

The New Helite Off Road Airbag

Built upon years of experience and data collection from the Rally Dakar, we are excited to share the first look at the HELITE Off-Road Airbag…

And it’s coming to the UK very soon!


The Off Road airbag vest is equipped with 2 independent cartridges for two different triggers.

A great innovation which will allow pilots not to have to change the cartridge after the first inflation and to start racing again without wasting time.

The electronic system of this Off-Road airbag switches automatically from the empty cartridge to the full cartridge. An automatic reset system without any pilot intervention.

When the 2 cartridges are empty, the airbag indicates it via a light and sound signal. The pilot has to replace the cartridges by following a very simple procedure that only takes a few minutes.


Helites R&D team has developed a remote button located on the front of the Off-Road vest that allows the airbag to be turned ON/OFF and to check its operating status.

An improvement that simplifies its use and reassures pilots.


The vest uses electronic airbag technology designed by Helite. The “Off-Road” detection mode has been specifically tested & developed for the Rally Dakar.

Indeed, in this legendary race the conditions are extreme and unique, so we had to adapt to offer tailor-made detection thanks to an algorithm specially designed for Enduro, Rally Raid and Adventure Trial.

The electronic card has been positioned on the back protector to better follow the pilot’s movements in real time, analyse the situation and detect the fall as quickly as possible to activate the inflation of the airbag.


HELITE has chosen to integrate quality passive protections in order to enhance the safety of the pilots as much as possible and thus preserve vital areas.

Kenny Mission Chest Protector : EN 1621-3 level 2

SAS-TEC back protector: level 1

SAS-TEC elbows and shoulders: level 2

These passive protections allow to protect specific areas: the back, shoulders, elbows and chest.

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