• CE certified device: PPE Level 2.
  • CE certified airbag: full inflation in 0.08s
  • Simple on/off LED activation system.
  • 100% autonomous meaning NO lanyard required.
  • Once the saddle sensor is installed it will stay active for up to 5 years.
  • The vest sensor will stay charged for 7 days.
  • Comfortable, light & allows a full range of body movement.
  • High performance breathable sports fabric.
  • Shower proof & suitable for use over any type of garment.
  • Front and back retro-reflective piping for maximum road visibility.
  • Reusable design: simply replace the CO2 canister & away you go!
  • Available on the cycle to work scheme.


Helite has designed and manufactured the world’s first smart airbag for cyclists. Cycling is an increasingly popular sport in the UK and with the introduction of E bikes these numbers are sure to be on the rise.

According to the latest research 355 cyclists per week are injured on our roads in Great Britain – 2 of which were tragically killed. Second to the helmet Helite have produced the first other piece of safety equipment in the form of an airbag which has the capability of significantly reducing the risk of injury and/or death to our cyclists.

Over 100,000 Helite airbags have been sold throughout the world and their ‘life-saving’ properties have made them a prominent feature in the Motorcycle & Horse Riding disciplines.


  • No existing effective cycle protection for the neck, spine and thorax.
  • Reducing your chance of injury in the event of a fall allows you to spend more time doing the things you love; spending time with family, holidays, outdoor pursuits, cycling etc.
  • As an employer: reducing time off work for your employees and a staff incentive.


  • There are 2 main components to the BSafe Airvest: The Vest itself and the Saddle Sensor.
  • The autonomous electronic system works on algorithms. Extensive data analysis of thousands of simulated falls allows the system to be able to distinguish between an accident and normal cycling.



  • Once inflated the Airvest stabilises the head, neck and spine of the individual.

  • Minimises the possibility of hyperflexion/extension and whiplash injuries.

  • Stabilises and protects the internal organs.

  • Ensures efficient spinal alignment providing support & rigidity to the neck, trunk and spine.

  • Superior inflation speed; 0.08s: faster than the blink of an eye!


  • Automatically activated by electronic algorithms:

    • CDU Sensor: located in the vest
  • Analyses cyclists motion in context (using a GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer).

    • Saddle Sensor: located under the saddle of your bike.

  • When a shock or abnormal move is detected communicates with other sensor to analyse the situation.

  • Simple on/off activation system: Close the zipper to activate the green LED light and open the zipper to deactivate the vest, turning the LED light off.

  • 7 days battery life on the vest and up to 5 years battery life on the saddle sensor.

  • Simple reinstallation system meaning you can be back on the road in less than 2 minutes.


  • CO2 canister used for inflation. Requires replacement after use.

  • Available in 50cc, 60cc and 100cc. Size of canister varies according the size and style of the vest



  • Soft adjustable slider for increased comfort around the neck.

  • High-quality durable external fabric: 600D and 1000D Cordura on the elbows & shoulders.

  • Waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane for any weather condition.

  • 100% polyester removable thermal liner with mesh.


  • High-quality fully adjustable fastenings.

  • Capable of with-standing numerous inflations.

  • Large amount of adjustment at neck, waist and cuffs allowing for the perfect fit over any attire.

  • Zippers on the front, back and sleeve cuffs for maximum ventilation.


  • Multiple interior and exterior pockets of all sizes.
  • Waterproof pocket with label.


  • Easy to open/close fastenings with gloves.
  • Comfortable and breathable great for long distance trips.

Size Charts

The vest exists in two colors: Black and Yellow Hi-Vis (high visibility).
It is available in 4 different sizes.
Sizes(cm) XS S M L XL L-L XL-L How to measure?
A – Chest Line
(At the widest level)
N/A 34-37 37-40 40-43 43-46 N/A N/A
B – Waist Line
(At the narrowest level)
N/A 28-31 31-35 35-38 38-40 N/A N/A
C – Pelvis Line
(At the widest level)
N/A 37-43 43-46 46-50 50-52 N/A N/A
Canister & Protection Volume N/A 50cc 14 litres 60cc 17 litres 60cc 17 litres 100cc 28 litres N/A N/A

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! B’Safe does not protect the head and does not replace the use of a helmet. It must be worn in addition to the helmet or any other safety equipment.

Yes, you can wear a backpack over your B’Safe vest.
Caution: Make sure that the adjustment straps of the backpack are loose enough to allow the vest to inflate correctly.

Yes, the system is totally reusable after each inflation. It only takes 2 to 5 minutes to reactivate your airbag vest. Just check that the vest is completely deflated and replace the used e-canister with a new Helite e-canister of the same capacity.

No. The e-canister is single-use and not reusable. A used or damaged e-canister will have to be recycled or disposed in accordance with your country’s legislation. To reactivate your airbag system, you must replace the old e-canister with a new one of the same capacity from Helite.

There are three e-canister sizes available: GG 50 CC, GG 60 cc and GG100 cc to choose from depending on the size of the vest.
S: 50 cc
M, L, 60 cc
XL : 100 cc

A small marking in the canister pocket of the vest indicates the model to be used.

No, the B’Safe saddle sensor does not work without the vest. It is indispensable to pair (associate) the two sensors for the first use of B’Safe. We also recommend to make regular checks with the included magnet to verify that both sensors are still paired.

Yes, it is possible to pair up to 5 saddle sensors with one vest (when you have several bikes for example).

Yes, it is possible to pair as many vests as you want to with the same saddle sensor.


Setup Your B’Safe Cycling Safety Vest – First Use
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How To Recharge The B’Safe Cycling Safety Vest
How To Reset Your B’Safe Cycling Safety Vest After Inflation
How To Check The Pairing For Your B’Safe Saddle Sensor
How To Check The Battery For Your B’Safe Saddle Sensor


All Helite Airbag products are CE certified and come with a 2 year warranty. We also offer a 4 year extended warranty on the airbag component only when you register your airbag.

In order to satisfy the warranties you must have proof that your airvest or jacket has been serviced as a minimum of every 2 years.

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